Bishop Cotton Boys Shine In IVY league Contest


The team from Bishop Cotton Boys’ School was adjudged the ‘Best Delegation’ in the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference which was held at New Delhi.

The students were a part of the following committees and won from class 11 were Udit Srivastava (Best Delegate in the Disarmament and International Security Committee); Sajeev Srivatsava, (Best Delegate in the Historic Human Rights Council); Sachit Ram (Best Delegate in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee); Ayman Hashmi, (Best Delegate in the Syrian and Constellis Council of 2020); Abhinav Dutt (Honorable Mention in the United Nations Security Council); Srinthan Hampi (Verbal Commendation in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime); Suhas Krishnamoorthy (Verbal Commendation in the Reconstructing Russia Council); Ronith Evander (the Legal Committee) and Mihir Nenawath, (member of the International Press).



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