Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel Chairman - Board of Management.


Rt. Rev. Dr. P K Samuel is the chairman of the board of management of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. He is also the Bishop of Karnataka Central Diocese (KCD), Church of South India. With more than 40 years as an ordained minister that involves a stint of 04 years in Abu Dhabi,Rt.Rev.P.K.Samuel has been was awarded an honorary doctorate in ministry by the University of Jerusalem in 2015.

His objective in life is to be a channel of peace and provide spiritual succour to the community at large. He was the officiating Principal of the school for two years till February 2020 and he proved to be a dynamic and fearless leader who has always believed in leading from the front by example.


At Cottons, we always believe in providing a well rounded education to young children. The academic curriculum is designed keeping in mind the intellectual, emotional, psychological, physical and social needs of the students. It gives me great pleasure as the head of the institution to see the faculty and administration work tirelessly towards achieving the academic vision of the school

Cottons is blessed to have students coming from all strata of society. What better way to teach these young men the values of inclusiveness, equality and social justice?

Though the school has firm roots in Christian principles, the secular fabric of the school life teaches the students to display equanimity in all situations and respect all faiths and religions.

Nec Dextrorsum, Nec Sinistrorsum.

Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Prasanna Kumar Samuel
Chairman - Board of Management.

Board Members
1 Rt. Rev. Dr. P. K. Samuel Bishop / Chairman
2 Rev. Dr. Vincent Vinod Kumar Vice Chairman
3 Mr. Franklyn James Diocesan Treasurer
4 Mr. Devadas Sadhu Treasurer – BCBS
5 Rev. Christy Gnanadas Civil Area Chairman
6 Dr. Abraham Ebenezer Convenor, Education Committee
7 Rev. J. Sampath Kumar  
8 Mr. Aldren D M  
9 Mr. Sankey Prasad  
10 Mr. Harsha Kumar  
11 Rev. Paul Dinakaran  
12 Prof. Dr. S. Edwin Christopher Principal and Secretary