NXS Music Programme

Passion, Love, Emotion few words synonymous with music the world over and it was these emotions which were experienced at COTTONS’ NXS  an annual inter school music competition was held on the 31st October, 2013 and believed in catching the young and finest talents in music. The competition was spearheaded by the school music department and was held at the School Auditorium.

Nearly 30 schools participated in both the western and classical category. In order to win each school had to participate in all categories. Each school captivated the audience with their performances but it was Christ Junior College that secured the First Place followed by Bishop Cotton Boys’ in a close second.

Without a doubt the day’s proceedings was a treat to music lovers. It was certainly one of the most electrifying and memorable music competitions that most of us ever witnessed.

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After standing tall for 150 glorious years, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School has won the accolade of the “Eton of the East”, and stands out as Bangalore’s leading school, one of India’s three top-ranked schools, and the No: 1 among all metro schools in India, with students of the school who have gone on to shine in different walks of life, all over the world.