A robot that plays football and dances to hit numbers. This is not the province of Japanese scientists any more. Our fellow student, Sidhant Gupta who studies in class 11 has built the country’s smallest bipedal robot that can not only dance but also play games.

Sidhant developed the robot at home without any external support. His two-legged walking wonder is only five inches tall and has now entered the Limca Book of Records 2014 under the category of Smallest Bipedal Robot.

A bipedal robot is a machine that has two legs and is capable of walking. Companies have spent millions of dollars developing bipedal robots. Bipeds are usually quite tall since it is easier to design a larger robot for it has higher stability.

Sidhant developed this robot from scratch in his house by himself after calculating the centre of gravity of the robot and calibrating the degree of bending it had to do for walking, in order to maintain its balance.

The robot runs on an At-mega 328 micro controller and has four micro servo motors. It has a mini breadboard and jumper cables connecting the whole thing together. Its program is written in C++ language. A USB cable is used to power the robot. It is held together by hard-setting epoxy resin.

“We at Bishop Cottons are proud of Sidhant. His creations have made his parents, teachers and peers alike proud of him and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

Shoumick Datta – 2017

Shoumick Datta received the 3rd Place in the International tenpin bowling championship held in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. He was the first Indian to ever achieve this feat and received a bronze medal and a statue as an award. An avid designer, he’s brought laurels to the school.