Founder's Circle

The bust of the founder of Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Rev. S. T Pettigrew is at the centre of the inspiringly beautiful Founder’s Circle.

Administrative Block

At the heart of the school is one of the most prominent and iconic structures - The Administrative Block, serving as the office of The Principal for more than a century.

St. Peter's Chapel

St. Peter’s Chapel was dedicated in the year 1911 and since then it continues to inspire several hundreds of students who enter the portals of the school.


The School Hall

The School Hall was built in 1872. It was one of the largest school halls in Bangalore. It was constructed under the leadership of Rev. G U Pope. In the very same place, stands proudly, the new edifice of the School Hall.


The School Auditorium

Standing on the erstwhile 3rdThird eleven field, is now a state of the art Auditorium The Bishop Edward Lynch Cotton Auditorium. It is fondly referred to as the “Great Cottonian Globe”.


The School Library - Pettigrew Resource Centre


A safe haven where children have the opportunity to grow and develop through play — the way children learn best. Here is where learning at Cottons begins.






Kindergarten - IL Thomas Block


It is a safe haven where children have the opportunity to grow and develop through play — the way children learn best. Here is where learning at Cottons begins, tender steps taking wings.


Packenham Walsh Block


It is named after Rev. H. Pakenham Walsh, the Principal from 1907 - 1913. This building holds the young boys of standard II and is well known for its 'Keep to your left' sign that is displayed right before the first step that leads to the top floors of the building.


Sesquicentennial Block


Cottons continues to embrace modernity with the recently inaugurated sesquicentennial building. It was commissioned by the late Principal Prof. John K Zachariah and inaugurated the foundation stone was laid by the former President, the Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam in commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the School. The spacious classrooms, Audio visual rooms, Conference halls and Staff rooms are some of the highlights of this new world class building.


Centenary Block


In 1965, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School was on the threshold of completing a century of equipping young minds to face the future. The then President of India, Dr. S Radhakrishan inaugurated this building as a fitting tribute of 'the centennial'.


GU Pope Academy

The building exudes a corporate look both within and outside. It symbolises a step into the progressive and modern world. It is named after Late Rev. Dr. G U Pope who served as the warden from the year 1871 to 1882.


Canon Elphick Block


Named after Canon William Elphick who served as the warden from 1930 to 1955, the building features a modern BioTechnology Lab, the office of the Editorial Committee of “The Cottonian” and is a home to the senior most students of the school, standards 11 & 12.


Tower Block


The Tower Block is a learning experience in itself., a building from another era that holds the most curious minds – standards 3 and 4


Ainley Centre of Learning


Located in the northwest corner of the campus, it is a single storey granite building, which now houses students from standard 6 to 8.


Elphick Resource Centre


Accommodating the Physics , Chemistry and Biology laboratories along with the computer learning and resource facility, the centre provides students with an insight into the fascinating and exciting world of scientific research.






First Eleven Field


The iconic First Eleven Field is where the general assemblies are held every Monday and Friday. It is the venue for the Cottonian Shield Cricket Finals every year.


Second Eleven Field


A footballer’s delight, the Second Eleven Field, is a world class turf.


Fourth Eleven Field


A place that sees non-stop activity, this ground builds character among the young Cottonians. Sports like Football and hockey are played here.


Sports Complex


The State of Art Sports Complex which was envisaged by Dr. Abraham Ebenezer,became functional during the tenure of Col.John Ellis.




 The Old Gym, a heritage building stands beside the Sports Complex, as a testimony to the foresight of our founding fathers.






Cottons Cafeteria

The Cottons Cafeteria is an exciting place where one can find Cottonians both young and old indulging in the popular Babu's chicken and every other delicacy churned out meticulously by the catering staff.

The Gazebo

A one stop shop for the best dessert experience in Bangalore, from the delectable doughnuts coated with chocolate to the Pastries that don’t stop your mouth from watering, this place is a Cottonian's delight.




Boarding Dorms


Home away from home, the Boarding Dorms are truly a second home to the boarders who come from different parts of the country and abroad.


Principal's Residence


 Close to the Lavelle Road Entrance, behind a huge Rain Tree standing as a centennial, is the Principal’s residence.


Cotton's Enclave


Another unit of the Bishop Cotton Boys’ School is the Cottons Enclave.